Welcome, vSphere7 and Tanzu mission control


We all were waiting for this day, Today VMware has announced a few major products with a single objective and that is to fule app modernization. There is no secret what these products are. Yes, you got it right. These are vSphere7, Tanzu Mission Control, and VCF4.0. Please find a brief overview of these new releases.

vSphere7, Runs Kubernetes clusters natively on the existing vSphere platform. VMware admins have got a few new constructs like namespaces, Kubernetes PODs, and containers to manage. (Honestly, I don’t want to claim to know these new constructs. So, you are on your own in case you also fall into the same category as mine.) Please refer to https://blogs.vmware.com/vsphere/2020/03/vsphere-7.html to know more about vSphere7. 

Tanzu mission control, There was certainly a buzz around Project pacific and Tanzu mission control. With tanzu mission control, you can Build, Run and Manage Kubernetes clusters running on vSphere, Public cloud or even on the bare metal server. with the help of the tanzu portfolio, you can leverage consistent operations of Kubernetes across any cloud platform of your choice. 

I am sure you will find plenty of blog posts around the new product portfolio by VMware. However, I am highlighting some of the key takeaways from the event.

  • After the announcement during VMworld 2019, I didn’t expect VMware to release vSphere7 very soon. I was expecting this release during VMworld 2020. Anyways, this is great news and worth welcoming one. 
  • I loved how new vSphere constructs for Kubernetes look into vSphere. For sure, this was a big change for vSphere but the way it is introduced to both developers and VMware admin is simply awesome. Both communities have native look and feel for the new feature. Vmware admins won’t be surprised when they will first see the Namespaces/PODs and Containers spinning up into vSphere. on the other side, developers will continue to work with Kubernetes as they have been working in the past. Please see this demo to understand more. https://www.vmware.com/products/vsphere.html 
  • Any cloud, any device, any app, VMware’s bet on being a leader in Hybrid/Multi-Cloud space was visible. When you look at VCF 4.0 or Tanzu mission control then you can feel what VMware was saying it all along for the last few years. after a decade long debates and discussions, it is clear that edge computing is a real phenomenon and multi-cloud or hybrid cloud is the reality. Having this kind of environment certainly poses a great challenge for security and operations. How do you keep up the security game at its best across all the spheres? how do you keep consistent operations across IT organizations? We have to still wait for some time to see the outcomes of VMware’s Any cloud, any device, any app strategy. Overall, It looks promising. 

That’s it from my side though on the recent release event. I would also like to share some of the HOL labs which you guys can go through and a blog post which I found very useful for ramping up on Kubernetes and containers. 

  • HOL Labs
    • HOL-2032-91-CNA – VMware Tanzu Mission Control Simulation
    • HOL-2013-01-SDC – vSphere 7 with Kubernetes – Lightning Lab
    • HOL-2044-01-ISM – Modernizing Your Data Center with VMware Cloud Foundation
  • Project Pacific for New Users bu @lnmei


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